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Professional spaces for investors and traders from all walks of life.

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What is BiCstreet?

BiCstreet creates professional and social spaces for today’s diverse and globally dispersed community of investors and traders. At BiCstreet spaces, they can come together under one roof with the ultimate goal of creating a specialized, peer-to-peer co-trading network, dedicated to anyone with a passion for the financial markets where people come to share, learn and grow. We believe that the time has come to create a global network for investors and traders and decentralize Wall Street.

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Unique benefits


BiCstreet spaces are an ideal location for passionate and professional investors and traders to co-trade, a term we coined that entails learning from other members and professionals, expanding investment networks and sharing tacit knowledge and skills with the community.


We strive to foster a community where our members have opportunities to collaborate, network and support each other. Mentorship programs, social events and a digital platform to connect all members and create a peer-to-peer ecosystem will be rolled out to maximize the value of the BiCstreet network for each member. 


Professional events and workshops on a wide variety of topics, such as investing, personal finance, emerging technologies and macro trends, will regularly be hosted within each BiCstreet space. Members, but also non-members, can apply to host an event in the space for free!

BiCstreet spaces

Sophisticated spaces in financial districts around the world that cater to every need of the modern-day investor

Spaces dedicated to investors

BiCstreet spaces are designed to establish a collaborative environment for traders and investors. On each location, members have access to comfortable work environments, a continuous stream of information and learning opportunities and a professional and global network of investors.

Each space is designed to have an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort and will have a wide variety of specialized products and services available on location.

BiCstreet’s first space: Cape Town

The first BiCstreet location has already opened its doors for investors in the vibrant city center of Cape Town, South Africa. This location will simultanesously serve as the prototype and proof of concept for the many more BiCstreet spaces expected to open around the world!

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The road ahead

The grand vision for BiCstreet is to establish an ecosystem that serves and connects a community of investors and traders from all over the world, through hundreds of spaces that accomodate and encourage collaboration, provide a diverse and expert range of products and services and with the launch of a feature-rich digital platform.

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The BICS token (LOGO)

BiCstreet will launch the BICS, which is a unique crypto-token. The BICS functions as the native currency for the growing BiCstreet ecosystem and enables members to make all sorts of transactions, make use of token and blockchain – unique functionalities and have a stake in the BiCstreet micro-economy.

BICS is designed to accelerate BiCstreet’s growth, strengthen the sustainability of this growth and capture otherwise untapped sources of value., through aligning the interests of the community with those of BiCstreet and foster a collaborative peer-to-peer environment. Members can use BICS to pay for all BiCstreet products and services, reserve spaces and access data and research and to access the digital platform.

The value of BICS is designed to grow commensurate with the BiCstreet ecosystem and will be the preferred means of exchange within it.

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The BICS token sale

BiCstreet will conduct several rounds of token sales through which the BICS token can be purchased. The proceeds of these token sales will be directed towards the ongoing development of the BiCstreet ecosystem, with the first step being the opening of up to 6 new BiCstreet spaces in strategically important financial hubs around the world.

The first token sale round will be hostel by the exchange LaToken. BICS can be bought on LaToken period for a XX% disocunt. There will be a total maximum supply of 150 million BICS tokens, of which XX% (XX million) will be sold in this first token sale round.

Buyers of BICS through the token sale are rewarded with memberships, the length of which depends on the size of the BICS purchase.

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